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Meet Sanctuary Real Estate

Our agents consistently deliver multiple above-market offers for our sellers and, interestingly enough, below-market deals for our buyers. We leverage our Silicon Valley, statewide, and worldwide market expertise to set new trends (and new performance records); use the latest technology; and position you for top results. Simply put, sellers receive more, and buyers pay less when they work with Sanctuary Real Estate.

Our award-winning founder, Ed Dee, created our company to serve others with purpose and inspiration. But more than that, Sanctuary is designed to be your refuge from the hectic, competitive, and often crazy world we live in. We shoulder the stress of your transaction by asking the right questions, listening to your answers, courageously advocating for your interests, and handling every last detail.

When you buy or sell real estate, you’re making what can be life-changing, high-stakes decisions. We understand that, and we’re here to create an environment of calm so you can celebrate your next big adventure. After all, life’s not a dress rehearsal — it’s your only opportunity to deeply enjoy what you love.

Lior & Hila R.
David & Joanna S.
David & Tiina F.
Mr. Brian S.
Kim M.
David & Joanna S.
Ivy K.
Mrs. Linda A.
Mr. David D.
Nobuko K. & Curt J.
Allison & Tim W.
David & Michelle S.
Reza & Meena A.
Julie M.
David & April A.
Emily & Jason B.
John & Anna H.
Mary & Steve H.
Nena V.
Suzanne & Jeremy M.
Ibrahim M.
David L.
Suzanne D.
Linda A.
Justin I.
Youssef I.
Patricia B.
Mike C.
Vova E.
Leif and Kristin L.

Ed is super professional Realtor® and gave me excellent guidance and help during my home buying journey. I enjoyed working with Ed, who always gave cons and pros for every aspect of the purchase, was prompt, responsive and available 24/7. Ed clearly explained any step in the process and always answered with patience and a smile to my endless questions and investigations. Almost any question I had Ed knew...

— Lior & Hila R. | Ed is a very honest person and he was a delight to work with.


Ed established clear goals and objectives, conferenced on a weekly basis to be sure our plan stayed on track and moved forward with efficiency and rigor. Ed is a strong problem solver, always willing to dig in, go the extra mile, and ensure our success. In the end, Ed’s marketing plan brought us the highest returns we could expect from a fairly unique market offering. Ed Dee helped us outperform the mark...

— David & Joanna S. | Ed is a strong problem solver, always willing to dig in, go the extra mile, and ensure our success.


Ed helped us in both buying and selling property. When buying he took us through a plan which clearly explained the complicated process and got us the best deal we could imagine. When selling we ended up getting substantially more than what we listed for. He is highly skilled, cares about his clients and is as passionate about getting the best results as you are.

— David & Tiina F. | We have recommended Ed to everyone we know who is looking to buy or sell property in the Bay Area.


I have dealt with many Realtor®, but very few have exemplified the expertise, integrity and tenacity that you have in dealing with my recent efforts to purchase the land in Los Gatos. In my experience, good, honorable real estate agents are a rare find and I will definitely keep in touch for any local or out-of-state ventures I will continue to pursue.

— Mr. Brian S. | This recent experience has aided in restoring my faith in real estate agents overall.


I have purchased and sold multiple properties within and outside of California with the expert guidance and support of Ed. A recent example: He sold a rental property 3 weeks faster and for more money than I expected all without disturbing my tenants. The entire transaction was a win win win for all sides. He has consistently gone above and beyond on every exchange. His level of 360° expertise, real en...

— Kim M. | His network of experts, in every aspect of a real estate transaction, is vast and not limited to the U.S.


Ed Dee recently represented us in a complicated land sale in Santa Cruz County. Together, with Ed’s advice, we established clear goals and objectives; conferenced on a weekly basis to be sure our plan stayed on track and moved forward with efficiency and rigor. Ed is a strong problem solver, always willing to dig in, go the extra mile, and ensure our success. In the end, Ed’s marketing plan brought us t...

— David & Joanna S. | We really enjoyed working with Ed and give him 6 stars on a 5 star scale!


I recently sold my 3/3 townhome in San Jose with Ed Dee. Not only did we set a record high sales price by a wide margin over an extremely similar property that closed escrow only two weeks prior to ours (we closed 9.7% Higher), but Ed made it easy. I notified Ed that I wanted the property on the market and sold in less than a month. Ed delivered with a hands-on approach that made me feel at ease, like e...

— Ivy K. | Ed Dee is by far the best real estate professional I have ever had the pleasure to work with and would strongly recommend his services to anyone thinking of buying or selling real estate.


This was a response to a reference call: “I spoke to John last night, he had a list of questions to ask me. One being your negotiation skills and all I really had to say was, well he sold our house for 60 thousand over asking and we bought for 40 thousand less. Also other things about character and so on. His main concern was if you were really the guy that they interviewed for 2 hours. (yikes!) I assur...

— Mrs. Linda A. | You are a ‘what you see is what you get’ kind of guy.


From the first time I met him, Ed Dee’s happy enthusiasm and love of the world of real estate shown through, and this never wavered despite the many obstacles always associated with buying a home in a skyrocketing market.

— Mr. David D. | Even though I thought my financial capability was dubious, he was always there for me, always encouraging and cajoling in a friendly way.


We’re still surprised at how fast we as a team responded to the opportunity of owning a dream “Eichler” home, and we couldn’t be happier at the end result! We really appreciate your diligence in getting everything worked out. (Especially the gas line!) Thanks again!

— Nobuko K. & Curt J. | Thank you so much for representing us in the purchase of our new home.


While it took us a while to make our decision, the process felt as though there was a planned methodology at work and we were comfortably escorted through it. Ed is very patient and never made us feel that we were inconveniencing him or that our needs weren’t important and a priority to him.

— Allison & Tim W. | Our overall experience was positive and it was a pleasure working with Ed.


I appreciate his honesty, quick response and his understanding of the hard demands I expect from the Realtor® that works for me. Ed will do what is required to ensure you get the biggest bang for your buck in an honest and reliable fashion.

— David & Michelle S. | I have known Ed Dee for 8 years and am very confident in his understanding of the real estate market and properties as an investment.


Ed is by far the best Realtor® I have worked with and I have worked with many local Realtor®. I have done a fair amount of real estate investing, remodeling and development. Ed recently sold our beautifully remodeled Saratoga home in less than 30 days while setting a new neighborhood sales price high, all in a downward trending market.

— Reza & Meena A. | I am very impressed with Ed’s level of commitment, organization, and professionalism.


I realize the best compliment I can give is to refer future profitable business to your office through Ed. I hope I can do that soon; in the meantime, please accept my sincere gratitude.

— Julie M. | I want to recognize Ed Dee for being amazingly knowledgeable, competent, patient, tenacious, skillful, effective and gracious under pressure.


He was there for us during the entire process from touring several homes, writing several offers, opening escrow on an off market property and coordinating quality inspectors. If it wasn’t for Ed, we wouldn’t be in our home today. In a rapid moving real estate market there is no one I would rather have on my side than Ed Dee.

— David & April A. | Ed's knowledge of the real estate market and how to get a deal done is what makes him a true professional.


He did not pressure us for anything and felt like a true ally. He gave us the tools we needed and got out of our way. My husband and I would pick out the houses we liked from the MLS listing, go look at them and then if we liked any of them we’d tell Ed and he’d go through and tell us what he observed and what he thought it would actually go for. Looking back after the fact he was always right.

— Emily & Jason B. | Ed was very knowledgeable, very helpful.


We had signed off on a house and provided Ed with the approval document. Ed discovered that we overlooked a big problem with the house and consulted us before turning the document in to the seller. In so doing, he saved us a ton of grief. He could have made the quick sale, cashed in, and moved on, but he didn’t. He stuck with us, always looking out after our best interests. Later, we bought our dream hom...

— John & Anna H. | The most important thing about Ed Dee for us was his thoroughness and honesty.


Ed was very professional. We encounter a few complications during the loan process but Ed reassured us that everything will worked out. He did a lot to make sure the process move forward.

— Mary & Steve H. | We highly recommend Ed to anyone looking to buy or sell their home.


I owe it to you, because of the dedication that you have in your work, you help people like me meet their dreams in finding the right place to live. Thank you again. Keep up the good work, and God bless you.

— Nena V. | Thank you so much for your patience in helping me find a house that I want.


I have always felt he had our best interests at heart not just about getting a quick sale. I would have no hesitation in recommending Ed for the purchase or sale of your home.

— Suzanne & Jeremy M. | We have used Ed multiple times, he was professional, knowledgeable and patient.


He is very responsive and guided us through the whole process very smoothly. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking to buy their house.

— Ibrahim M. | Ed was very professional and an Excellent Real Estate agent.


He helped us buy a house in late 2010 and even though we were first time home buyers, he made us feel at ease by walking us through each step. We would highly recommend him to anyone.

— David L. | We highly recommend Ed.


He is very approachable, knowledgeable and professional and is awesome to work with from start to finish. I would totally recommend Ed and would use him again!

— Suzanne D. | I met Ed at a house he was showing and ended up using him to help me purchase another home.


He was very committed to do his best and he was always willing to put in the work. He made the whole buying/ selling process a breeze for us. He has a great deal of knowledge and experience, it will be apparent to you when you meet him. It has been 7yrs since we purchased our home, but I know I can always call him if I need him.

— Linda A. | Ed helped us sell our home in Saratoga and the buy our dream home in LG Mountains.


We are very picky and demanding clients and he’s been extremely patient with us. He’s very knowledgeable about the area has excellent people skills, gets a good bead on what you need and executes with seasoned precision.

— Justin I. | Buying or selling, we highly recommend Ed, he is a fantastic agent.


Due to missteps by the real estate team representing the ‘other side’ our contract started going south, Ed managed to get a huge, usually unmovable, corporation providing communication services to our area to actually get service to the house we bought. We couldn’t do it but somehow Ed got it done saving the day, avoiding a legal quagmire and we now live in paradise! Thanks Ed!!

— Youssef I. | Ed went above and beyond for us at the Darkest hour.


Highly recommended by Pat and John Bridgeman. He goes that extra mile! He makes things happen, in a timely manner, I might add! He’s a great negotiator. Thanks Ed.

— Patricia B. | Ed is a well-respected member of the mountain community, and a great Realtor.


My property in mountains had many challenges and Ed came up with the perfect market strategy and we were able to close fast.

— Mike C. | Ed did an amazing job.


Combined with his knowledge and customer service you just can’t have better representation.

— Vova E. | Being a mountain resident Ed knows the Los Gatos Mountains like the back of his hand.


Recommendation for Ed Dee and Sanctuary Real Estate – Five Stars!! My wife and I considered ourselves fairly well-versed in the home-buying process. My wife had owned a home previously, and I had worked and lived in Silicon Valley for years and held some background in real estate brokerage. However, we were both first-time “mountain home” buyers and were truly unprepared for the complexities of navigati...

— Leif and Kristin L. | Getting referred to Ed Dee was a lifesaver.

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